Interview with ex-Korean War POWs in Brazil(Sep. 2012 to May 2013)


February to May 2013

– Conducted interviews with ex-Korean War POWs  who live in Brazil (Campinas, Cuiaba, Florianopolis, Apucarana, Goiania, Salvador)

– Recorded distinct visions of Korean-Brazilian community involving ex-POWs.

– Explored the Rio de Janeiro area and verified the information of the materials

– Inquired North Korean authority in order to explore the possibility of visiting North Korea

– Had a phone call with Brazilian Ambassador in North Korea and had meeting with North Korean Ambassador in Brazil.


October 2012

we visited the only survivor in India at New Delhi and explored the old Madras area.


September 2012

In Korea Flower Village of Eumseong. we confirmed the survival of one ex-POW, who was known to be deceased.