[YTN radio] Way of prisoners of war returning home … “I want to live a quiet world without ideological confrontation.”(kr)

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– Documentary <Return Home> …  homecoming of neutral POW
– put the long journey From Brazil, India, to South Koreal
– Destination of the film is to visit North Korea … So far, the feasibility is uncertain

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[Newsis] ‘return home’ of neutral POW… the documentary of 79-year-old grandfather’s homecoming way(kr)

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He was born in Yongcheon, Pyeonganbuk-do.
When he was 14 years old, enlisted people were taken to Korean War.
But in 1950 the same year he was detained as a prisoner in Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi-do.

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[Hankyoreh] Return of 61 years…The Curious Case of the fate of the 15-year-old North Korean POW(kr)

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He had been conscripted North Korean army just in the 15-year-old.
And He had became the captive, just only one month.
He had gone to Brazil through India, not even South Korea nor North Korea.

He came to South Korea in the last month, as a hero of the movie “Return Home” that is depicting the process of finding a home.
“I want to step on hometown in my lifetime”

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[Yonhapnews] The POW of Korean War who had Selected third country, Mr. Kim, “I would have waiting to step on my hometown”(kr)


 “I’ll wait until the end. Because it is just my wish. That will take time because it can not be illegally. Nevertheless, I will wait. Until I return home.”
Mr.Kim(79)’s  voice were divided. He visited South Korea with the strong desire, he’ll step on the homeland in the north, the other side of the demilitarized zone.

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